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 Our Vision
To make our industrial, commercial and service products distinct, varied, and being the most preferable option for clients.

Our Mission
Excellence in manufacturing liquid and powder paints, resins, cans and crown caps, door handles, water mixers and domestic cooking utensils with high quality specifications using improved industrial technology providing suitable sizes, dimensions and formulas that meet clients’ expectations and desires; manufactured by trained  qualified staff through distribution and sales points located in more than 60 countries in the world.


 Our Quality Policy
It is the stated Sayegh Group’s quality and safety policy that such products be designed, manufactured and marketed with the compliance with national and international standards, laws, regulations and specification, and which meet all requirements to complete company customers’ expectations and satisfaction.  To accomplish this goal, the company implements various elements to total quality management within the scope of organizational activities and under its business responsibility.
The management of Sayegh Group considers itself committed to and involved in all efforts concerning the assurance of company products quality and safety, and shall implement and operate Quality and Safety Management Systems complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and other customer standards, performing in adherence with established procedures and promoting full understanding and compliance with customer stipulations.
The management of Sayegh Group commits to assure the implementation of Food safety Policy to manufacture compliant Crown Caps with the standards of its customers such as Pepsico and Coca-Cola by implementing the Good Manufacturing Practices GMP, and by controlling the Critical Control Points CCP.
The Group Management periodically reviews the system, and verifies system effectiveness and continuous compliance with the quality and safety requirements, objectives and goals.
The Group Management is responsible to maintain and improve product quality and safety, with responsibility delegated to all company employees to apply the principle “Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility. And commits to provide the necessary training programs to raise the of its staff competencies and functional sufficiency
Thus, all employees of the Group in accordance to their locations and functional levels have the primary responsibility to ensure the quality and safety of products.
The company shall ensure open communication, regarding the effective management systems, with its employees, its customers, its suppliers and with all interested parties.


Michael Sayegh

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